Let me tell you about my experience in dealing with panic attacks.

My name is Naomi.

We live in a day and age where more and more is demanded of us and more strain is put upon us mentally than ever. A lot of people are struggling to cope with stress and anxiety. This can lead to scary panic attacks (or anxiety attacks), which can develop into an uncomfortable condition to live with.
My experience with panic attacks started at the age of 31. I had a very busy life and carried insecurities and stress with me every day at that time. At one point I had an experience at work where it all became too much. I want to tell you about this experience, and how I managed to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks, eventually.

My experience with panic attacks

I just got a new job when I was 31 and it was a very busy one with a lot of new responsibilities. I knew it would start to weigh on me because I wasn’t used to this amount of pressure, but I wanted to do well because the previous jobs I had were not that great. At one point I had been working from deadline to deadline for months without having the time to properly recover. One day I simply felt like my body was collapsing underneath me, while simply sitting behind my desk! I became short of breath, dizzy, and started sweating. I immediately panicked, and thought I was having a heart attack. It didn’t last very long. I ran to the toilet when I could, and started to relax there. I had not told anyone at work about this event because I was too ashamed. Later I found out I had the symptoms of a panic attack, or anxiety attack. Learn more about these symptoms here.


I didn’t have another experience like this for a few weeks, but I did notice a constant fear growing in me. The fear of being faced with such a situation again, and that it might be worse. Or that other people around me might see it and that they would start panicking too. I started to think of all sorts of doom scenarios, which now seems silly of course. But when you’re in this thought loop of panic about having more panic attacks, it is very hard to get out of it and feel at ease.

I still don’t know what caused my first panic attack, but I think it was a combination of stress and exhaustion. (Learn more about the causes of panic attacks here.) Sometimes you can get similar symptoms with over-exertion in sports. After a few weeks, I had another. I got into a pattern of constantly monitoring my own body for signals of a possible panic attack. I was literally searching for them, which caused even more anxiety and stress. Whenever I found myself experiencing one of the symptoms only slightly, the feeling of panic rushed to me and I had another attack. It started to get worse and worse, having more attacks up to a point where I had at least one every week, sometimes 2 or 3. I was in very bad shape. I felt like I had completely lost control over my own body. I started to go down a deep hole mentally, and was afraid to go out and meet other people. I thought I was weird and going crazy. I went to a doctor, and he gave me medication to relax and relieve some anxiety. I noticed this was only a temporary solution that did not fix the cause, so I stopped taking it. I visited a psychiatrist, who provided me with exercises to relax. I found these very hard to apply when I was in an actual panic attack situation and didn’t get much further.

My journey in dealing with panic attacks and being happy and relaxed

Eventually I started to do my own research, and found out what works for me. This is a combination of several techniques and methods, understanding everything about panic attacks, and a program that has worked very well for me personally. I have made this website to inform other people who are dealing with the same anxiety issues and want to deal with panic attacks. I would like to present to you some useful information about panic attacks and anxiety related conditions like agoraphobia (fear of open spaces, crowds, and panicking in social situations). Completely for free!


Meditation, yoga, and diet have all been great helps for me in being more relaxed overall, and not giving in to the constant loop of fear. I want to share with you my simple techniques on how to perform meditation and yoga to relieve anxiety and with that the chance of a panic attack or anxiety attack. However, I understand that this is not for everyone. Another thing I do is to make sure I eat enough vitamin-rich food, and drink enough water. A strong body is an easier body to control.

Use the guidance and tips you can find here (about for example meditation) to deal with panic attacks better, or jump straight to a more complete solution in the form of the Panic Away program. This program is proven to be an effective method in treating panic attacks and has helped a lot of people all over the world in dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. It has helped me greatly so I can not recommend it enough. Finally I was able to breathe and live freely again, and feel at ease in even the most difficult situations. I hope you can find the same relief as I did, and that my website can help you in some way, or with this program, to get rid of your anxiety and panic attacks once and for all. I wish you the very best and great strength in dealing with this issue. Don’t let it take control over your life!

Love, Naomi


Read more information about panic attacks, and how to relieve the anxiety, or go straight to the recommended Panic Away program.