Dealing with panic attacks



How meditation can help with panic and anxiety attacks

Fears arise through thoughts. Rumbling thoughts in your head where you have the idea that you sometimes can not exercise control.
They are just there, and they can make you crazy. They can make you believe all sorts of things. They can make you scared and anxious.

But how can you ensure that you can overcome your fears?

Maybe it sounds very strange now, but you are able to exercise control over your thoughts. Of course that is not just a matter of flipping a switch, but it is possible.

And that actually starts with the awareness of your thoughts. Teaching yourself that you can influence your thoughts, instead of them influencing you.

You learn this through meditation. I certainly recommend you to meditate daily. Preferably in the morning when you wake up and are still exposed to few stimuli, like your smartphone, emails, or people talking to you and demanding things from you.

If you find yourself suffering from panic or anxiety attacks, then try meditation to find control of your thought flow again. Move your focus. And therefore get more space in your head.

For different meditation exercises a great place to get started with examples for beginners is the ‘Getting Started with Mindfulness’ guide from mindful.org.

Working on your lifestyle

I won’t claim that meditation is the panacea against anxiety attacks. In fact, I think it works better as a prevention than a solution if you already suffer from a lot of symptoms of an anxiety condition. However, I can tell you that if you integrate meditation into your daily life, you will feel mentally better, stronger, and more clear. Your focus increases and you are less tense.

This in turn also makes you less susceptible to various anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

It is important not only to look at your movement, but also at your diet. For example, alcohol, caffeine and stress can cause anxiety to be fueled. Read our article about food and it’s effect on your mental health for more information.

It is also important that you try to surround yourself with other positive people who are supportive and with whom you can be open about your condition.

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