Panic Away Program

The Panic Away program is a great digital program that helped me greatly in dealing with panic attacks. There are not many online programs for this specific condition, but the good thing about Panic Away is that it focuses completely on tackling anxiety and panic attacks. In this way, it doesn’t try to do too much.

It was developed by psychologist Dr. Harry Barry who has specialized in treating anxiety conditions and anxiety and panic attacks. The program has been around since 2001, helping over 150.000 people around the world and receiving great reviews. (here are some Youtube reviews).

The program focuses on teaching you a specific technique (the 21-7 technique) to stop attacks completely in only 21 seconds, and in turn get rid of the whole chronic part of the condition. It does much more than that, like giving you access to a special members area for people with anxiety issues, several video and audio courses, and an e-book program. The program gives you advice for several situations to get you out of the terrible loop of fear!

I could tell you more about it but you might as well just take a look for yourself or even try it out. It might work just as well for you as it does for many other people. I am very thankful I found this and want to help spread this great self-help program.

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