Dealing with panic attacks



Overcome your fears and anxiety with yoga.

Many people suffer from different fears. Fear thoughts about past events, or perhaps about what might happen in the future.

There are many different kinds of fear. For example, to lose loved ones, to lose your job, to get sick, to die. There are so many things that can evoke feelings of anxiety. Everyone can think of an example.

But what if these fears keep you occupied on a daily basis? And if these really turn into anxiety attacks? This can weigh heavily on your daily life. It would be a shame if there is no action you could take immediately. But luckily there is yoga, a way to practice serenity and lowering stress levels.

Breathing exercises

If you suffer from anxiety attacks, then you often have problems with your breathing at these occurrences. You breathe too quickly and superficially. This makes it harder to supply your body with oxygen. You develop a stress response, as it were. Your body has the feeling that it is on the run. This only worsens your anxiety attack.

To begin with overcoming your fears, it is therefore very important that you become aware of your breathing. You can simply do this by sitting upright on a chair or on a pillow. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing now. Try to keep your focus on breathing and take deep breaths all the way to your pelvis. Slowly you feel the breath rolling across your chest deep into your body. Then fully breathing out again from the pelvis until you end up at the chest and eventually your mouth again. This is Yoga breathing.

If you have done these deep breaths 9 times, stop. Feel how you calmly and breathe into the abdomen in a natural and relaxed way.

Your body and mind are more at ease with this type of breathing, and the stress reaction can disappear. More oxygen is absorbed into the body, which also creates more energy in the head and in the brain. This make you better able to control the situation.

In addition, there are many other breathing exercises that can help you overcome fears. Check out this article about how to breathe in yoga poses, for example.

Yoga poses

Describing all yoga poses that are helpful with anxiety and stress is beyond the scope of this article. But here is a helpful video to help you on the way, with exercises specifically for beginners, to relieve stress. If you are interested on practicing yoga poses, this is a great place to start.

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